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Mag+ Designd is a powerful and proven system for creating beautiful iOS and Android apps.

We're proud to represent Mag+ in the UK, offering advice, sales and customer assistance.

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Appthenticate is our SAAS product for adding a login and user management service to apps.

It allows app publishers to manage secured access or subscriptions, and can be set up in minutes.

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New to making apps? We offer training and consultancy services to ensure you hit the ground running.

Looking for some extra assistance with content? Leave the design or conversion of your documents to us.

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For Publishers

We specialise in making apps, but our history is in print and digital publishing and we continue to support clients working in these areas. Whether you want support assistance for a team running InDesign on Macs, to deploy a new website CMS and link it to automated editorial emails, or assistance working with a database of print subscribers, we've been there before, and can help you achieve your aims as easily and quickly as possible.

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We've been working with Mag+ since we launched the British Journal of Photography App for iPad in 2013. Now published on the iPad and iPhone, it's still going strong today, and we continue to produce each interactive edition on behalf of its publisher, Apptitude Media.

We also publish the UK edition of Popular Science, as a bi-monthly interactive magazine for iPad, using the Mag+ Designd platform, and we've assisted several other publishers in making the move from print products to a pixel-perfect app edition using the software.

For the last few years we've been proud to represent Mag+ in the UK, providing sales support for new customers and assistance to existing users. If you're interested in discussing whether Mag+ might work for your app project, we're happy to help, and we can also assist in arranging licensing if your requirements are more complex than those you can purchase directly online.

We also offer Mag+ training, consultancy, technical assistance and production services - click here to find out more.


When we launched our first magazine app we quickly realised that we needed a system for unlocking content within it for certain users. The system we built evolved into Appthenticate. Delivered as an online service that can be added to Mag+ apps, it has three key use-cases:

  • Enabling publishers delivering magazines or newspapers as apps to grant access to existing subscribers
  • Enabling a public app to deliver additional content, which is otherwise hidden, only to logged-in users
  • Enabling businesses to use a single app to deliver different items of content to different members of staff, or groups of staff

Our clients range from independent publishers delivering beautiful magazines via public apps to corporations managing confidential data in Enterprise apps. For more information, please check out the Appthenticate website or get in touch.

Studio Services

We offer a range of services to assist companies with their app creation projects. These include:

Mag+ Training

Conducted in our offices, on-site or even remotely, we offer one- and two-day courses to help designers familiar with InDesign learn how to create great apps using the Mag+ tools, and how to optimise their workflow so that the process is as easy and smooth as possible.

All our courses are taught in small groups, on-demand, by staff with many years of app production experience.

Technical Services

Many clients are happy to create their in-app content, but prefer to leave the technical side of building apps to us.

We can configure, build, sign, test and submit iOS and Android apps on your behalf, handling all the technical matters such as certificates and profiles, ensuring that your in-app purchase configuration and iTunes Connect settings are correct first time - ensuring a smooth passage to the App Store, on deadline.

App Content Conversion

If you already have content designed for print, and want to publish it in an iOS or Android app, we can help. Our services range from the simple conversion of PDFs to page-turner apps up to the creation of bespoke interactive editions from your resources.

Whether you're looking to create a one-off product, or to publish regular in-app content on an ongoing basis, our experienced team can offer a professional, competitively-priced service.


There's no substitute for getting an app launch right first time. For businesses still in the planning stages of an app project, we can help clarify the many options available, and help find the best possible setup to ensure that all aims are met.

We can also assist in ensuring that the workflow of creating in-app content is integrated into your business in the smoothest way possible.

And if you have complex needs when it comes to user entitlement or authentication, we can provide custom iterations of our Appthenticate software to match your exact requirements.

Publishing Support Services

Although most of our work today focuses on apps, our history is in print publishing, and our team has decades of experience in consumer and B2B magazine editorial and production. We're pleased to offer a number of support and consultancy services to publishers, including:

Desktop Support

Finding reliable support for a fleet of Windows PCs running Microsoft Excel is relatively simple - but finding a team who understand the challenges of supporting Macs running Creative Suite, with all the associated PDF, colour and print settings required by a publisher, is harder. We can help with everything from a one-off deployment to support on demand.

Subscription Services

Making the most of a database of subscribers can be tricky. You might have considered setting up additional benefits to drive new sales and subscriber retention, for example, but validating who is a subscriber and who is not can very quickly become highly technical, requiring custom programming to link your database with other services.

We specialise in this kind of integration. As well as our off-the-shelf Appthenticate service, we've connected existing subscription databases to new online systems for a number of publishers around the world - in fact, there's a chance we've worked with your provider already. With both the technical expertise and a background that helps us understand your aims, we can get the job done quickly and correctly.

Web Content Management Systems

Finding an online CMS to run a website is easy - but finding the right one, which will fulfil both your editorial and commercial needs, is harder. We work with our hosting partners to deploy customised Wordpress backends that provide both the flexibility that editorial and commercial teams require, and the technical backing to stay on top of serious traffic when stories go viral. We can even assist with advert setup and trafficking using Google DFP.


Want to cut out the middleman and sell directly? We've deployed online stores using both off-the-shelf CMS software and fully custom code that have, collectively, brought in six-figure sums of revenue for our clients. We can help you evaluate the options, choose a store that'll work for you, get ready to receive Credit Card payments, and then go live.


This is just a brief overview of our publishing services, and if you're looking for something else related to publishing and technology, we'd love to discuss it with you. Drop us a line at hi@mndigital.co and we'll be in touch.

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